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Google just did a little update with its local listings, and it’s something you can do for yourself in under 5 minutes! Follow my picture steps below!

Google is becoming more aggressive on spending LESS time on Google.. fascinating.

They (and you) want people to be able to hit the end goal as fast as possible without the distraction of say, 1000 symptom pages or homepage links that aren’t necessary. AKA, get them to book an appointment asap.

Now there is a new update with Google for Business (you know that listing that shows up with pictures and reviews on Google local results?) that will help your chiropractic marketing, or dentist leads.

I found it this morning in an email from Phil.

There is now an APPOINTMENT link that can show up on your listing so people can get to the end game as quick as possible.

This is how it looks:

Here’s an example I just set up for my chiropractor in London, Ontario.

marketing small business,marketing local


Let’s create yours

I’m going to walk you through the steps of creating this for yourself.

First, Login to Google Business Manager here.

This will be a login like Gmail.

get reviews


Now once you’re in you want to find your listing, once found click and open the details.

It will look something like this:

get business from google


Now that its open, scroll down to where you see the “APPOINTMENT URL:”

As so:

updates for google business


(Notice there is also a MENU URL so restaurants, likely inspired to keep up with Yelp, Open Table and the likes.)

This “appointment url” is where you are going to want to add a landing page such as a new patient special that makes it easy for any new prospective patient to do the following:

  • Know who you are
  • Like you
  • Trust you
  • and make a micro commitment such as giving you their email for a coupon, requesting a call back, or calling directly into the office.

Building your appointment page

Here is an example we created for Nathan when rebuilding his website:



If not you can use a simple contact page like Pure Health has:


chiropractic marketing


Once you have that page live, input that URL into the APPOINTMENT URL in the business listing:

get reviews for chiropractic


This will be live in a few minutes, if not immediately!

Make sure your Google listing has bright clean pictures, updated office hours and links.

Cheers to more leads!

Mike & Rick Tielemans

Your captain in growth.

OK so you have a few million to put into office space?

Follow the likes of Google, Dropbox, Urban Outfitters.

Let’s imagine for a second you do not have a few $1m to throw into an office…

Here are some of the small touches to office spaces that I’ve fallen in love with and desire to implement immediately that almost any one can do.

Sandbox BEACH floors:

Hammock floors:

An open vault for chillen:

MOTHER FACKN NATURE in the office:

And if all you can afford is a desk, at least have a hammock for your feet:

i like hammocks..