Full Circle Coaching and Consulting has been helping chiropractors create a succession plan and appraise their practices. At that point, retiring docs were left to find their own buyers in a world they do not understand. We stepped in to create a marketing plan to find a buyer for the practice.,

It’s the week before halloween and I had a phone call with the business owner who had been in practice for over 40 years and has a strong desire to step out of active practice.
He had an appraisal done on his business and now left hanging to learn how to sell a business, find a buyer and transition through the practice.

So we told him that we would create a marketing plan and implement it over the following months to sell the practice. He was in.
We built out a landing page, as seen to the left.

We then created an infusionsoft funnel to get buyers to sign an NDA and then get the valuation. The funnel automatically follows up with them until the NDA is signed and automatically sends the custom valuation for his practice.

Here’s what that looked like:

sell my chiro practice infusionsoft funnel

We then ran Facebook ads to the landing page with a very specific demographic of chiropractors who are most likely to buy a practice in Oakville Ontario.

We had 2,461 docs reached with the ad and 144 click through to the website for $183 in ad spend.

facebook ads success


Of those link clicks we had 199 people checkout the landing page, and 23 docs reach out to get the valuation.leadpages success


Within the first 5 weeks of promotion, we shut down the ads, and had a buyer agreement on the table and a happy client.


  • Client: Upper Oakville Chiropractic Practice
  • Mission: Finding a buyer for his chiropractic practice to ease into retirement