chiropractic marketing

make movement, make a course, make a membership, setup content

Successes with the big guy:

We started working with Tom when were 20 years old, 2010.

It started with a proposal when I told him his website sucked and his social media content was super weak.

We then built a strong relationship and it was the three of us running the company collectively where we handled all the admin and social stuffs (very much not our thing) as we moved into a strictly marketing role.

–> it was 2016 that was our banner year.

We turned decreased marketing spend by 64% from previous year while boosting revenues by 165% year over year.

This was done with a video sales letter and some strategic Facebook ad placements.

Fast forward a few years, and we came back into the company to launch their group coaching program.

We were able to create an identity for their launch and bring in some of the key messaging elements that we know were missing in building a real boner-juice type of coaching program.

We followed our MVMT system (which you can find in the MAPS download here) and then build the front end on our clickfunnels account then connected paid participants to a Thinkific build.

The system was then kicked off with a 4 part email sequence that is done in conjunction with a live event they’re putting on in Toronto.

TBD on launch sales but so far there have been non stop leads for a $7000 program.