Mike & Rick Tielemans

this is our story.

If you’re here it’s because you are curious about who we are.
And that’s awesome.

In this world, there are tens of thousands of companies and experts who can help you bring your expression forward, but it comes down to who you want to work with, who you want to spend your time with because ultimately, that is the best part of being in business.

So let’s feel each other out… check out our story below.


* We are not identical twins

* We can’t¬†communicate telepathically. yet

* We are best friends.

Meraki history & why we do what we do

At the tender age of 16, it all began.
STORES ONLINE & Digital Marketing

We got dragged out of english class to take a course at a nearby hotel called “stores online” where you learned how to start a dropshipping business.
Figured this was the best way to create a life of freedom.

MMI & personal growth

We then got dragged to a MMI -Millionaire Mind Intensive with T. Harv Eker, and was the first revolutionary program we had ever taken. HOOKED.


We signed up at Warrior camp to take all the Peak Potentials courses for the next 3 years, meeting some of the most fascinating people in the business world, such as Craig Duswalt here, Axl Rose’s personal assistant and boss marketer.


After taking close to 30 seminars in 3 years, we flew over 100 flights and had a true taste of travel and freedom and what the business world could open for us.


August 2010, we found ourselves at the Ultimate Internet Boot Camp where we learned from Alex Mandossian and Andrew Lock, two seriously smart guys who taught us how to build a wordpress site and product funnel from scratch in 5 days. BINGO.


With the knowledge in store, we reached out to who is now our biggest client, coach, mentor, and a myriad of other titles who has helped launched success in this industry, Dr. Tom Preston. He keeps us focused and away from shiny things.


in 2012 we registered our master business license and began running Meraki Marketing. Meraki means to put a piece of yourself into your work. To do work with LOVE, SOUL & CREATIVITY. resonates deeply.


Not too long after, Ricky also decided to move to Toronto, so we separated all of our things, clothing being the hardest and learned some independence.


As of now, we are living out where we set out at 18. We have travelled several countries, working from laptops, started and sold businesses, and are living with intentionality as we grow Meraki Marketing


We are working on growing the team and creating a bigger ripple in helping people expand their expression, from website revamps to funnel creations and intense strategy work, lets get your idea LAUNCHED.

How we can help you