Get to know the Twins
and what started the Meraki MVMT
Hey It's Mike & Rick Tielemans

this is our story.

we got pulled out of highschool to go to our first internet marketing event. (13 years ago)

we then spent every dollar we made for the next 3 years attending all the seminars we could, from the LA strip to the penthouses of Vegas learning from internet millionaires...

we found some high ticket coaches to partner with and spent the next few years testing every campaign from VSL's to Evergreen Webinars to events.

and that's when we realized every body is screaming for Lead Generation but no one is focusing on the backend, or not well...

we spent the next year looking through every Million Dollar Funnel and company that has a raging Tribe and found ALL the commonalities between them.

we began to test it with high ticket coaches, fitness trainers and launch coaches.

once we started to see an insane amount of engagement, we doubled down and created The Tribe Method, and the 4 part MVMT system we use to create game-changing programs.


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