We grew up chasing passion projects, having no idea what we wanted to “be” when we “grew up”..

So in highschool we prioritized art, gym and competitive sports.

We were going to take a victory lap in highschool from lack of vision until the week after graduation, our mom scooped us away to a Peak Potentials camp called “WARRIOR” in the catskill mountains of New York.

Hesitant as hell to be in a secluded camp full of adults in our first week of summer,.. It ended up being the turning point in our lives.

This camp broke us down more than any other personal growth we had ever done (and we were Reiki certified by the age of 10).

At the end of the camp, they spoke about their $50,000 upsell to attend ALL of their events over the next 3 years with an All-Access Pass.

They had an under 18 special and we were a few weeks away from our 18th birthday.

We wanted it.

Somehow with the money in our Education savings plus the under 18 discount, we were able to cover it all and sneak into the next chapter of our life…

Working at McDonalds saving every dollar we had to pay for the next set of flights and hotel rooms in LA that we found ourselves every couple months.

While our friends were buying bottles in the clubs, we were barely able to buy a $2 coffee that felt like luxury.

We took courses from all the GREATS from the conference rooms on West Century Boulevard by LAX to the penthouse suite of the RIO in Vegas, trying to gain confidence and insight with long hair and bad acne.

We were determined to find a self made millionaire who would mentor us for free and show us the ropes of running a business.

After getting home from The Ultimate Internet Bootcamp with Alex Mandossian, I had the confidence to reach out to Dr. Tom Preston who I knew was a self made man and had a thriving coaching business (but a terrible web presence).

After I told him how bad is website was, he told me to make him a proposal and that began the next chapter..

Our role with Tom grew from full time admin and marketing to earning a percentage of revenue from the marketing campaigns we ran and we tested everything from VSL’s that produced over $125,000 in revenue in a few short months to Webinars that never made a dollar.

After working for years from Starbucks cafe’s and bedroom offices, we decided that wasn’t the dream and we wanted to work from Thailand and abroad.

So we took on side projects like building wordpress websites, started a reputation management side hustle and did some speaking for local dental and chiro clinics.

Eventually, my lease was up and I moved into a closet for the next 5 months to save money for Asia.

Bought my one way ticket and early 2017 the boys were changing continents and time zones.

We spent  4 months travelling from Thailand to Bali to Malaysia and even had a new client fly us out to Australia to help him create an online course from his live event.

I then spent another month in Mexico later that year before heading to our AGM meeting with Tom after a year of travel and running a 6 figure agency.

As we left the -30 degree tunda of North Bay Ontario we had been “kicked out of the nest” to go focus our energy on building the business rather than working deeply in the clients.
searching for answers

This meant 80% of our revenue was drying up but also meant that we bought our time back.

We had a plan..

We wanted to build million dollar funnels for clients.

And so we hired a man who does just that…

$13,000 later we had dug a hole that kept us working late nights and weekends trying to create OUR system for getting coaching clients for high ticket coaches and experts.

Reading through books, hiring 4 more coaches, taking 3 online courses…

After everything we bought, we found out it wasn’t about the funnels… it was about the messaging and how that was presented to the world.

It was April 2018 when we finally had THE system down.

But we needed to test it..

We owed the government $10,000 and was barely able to pay ourselves these past few months.

So we had to use the last remaining room on the credit card to buy the cheapest flights out of Detroit to get to Tom to test it with his business.

With only a 2.5 day window, we worked all day into the evenings working the system.

We had pages of notes and a new insight.

“It was the best work i’ve done in a long time, and wish like hell i would have done this 30 years ago”

Was the final remarks as we headed back to Canada.

(Now we had the M of the MVMT.. the messaging to bait our perfect clients)

Tom had referred a handful of clients that allowed us to clear $11,000 and pay the government just in time.

Now that we knew how to master the messaging, we started working with mindset coaches, an athletic performance coach, a launch expert, and several unique industries.

But that’s when we met Funk Roberts.

We met 3 years ago at infusionsoft university in Toronto and I had been giving him ideas and flirting with him since.

December 2018 we finally met up and spent a day together to turn ALL of his content into ONE transformational program.

(This is the V in MVMT… the vehicle that delivers the transformation)

By February we had launched our first 30 day challenge, and had the Over 40 Brotherhood created.

We started with our founding fathers Beta launch and from there started to create front end programs and ads that brought new men in each month.

(this is the other M in MVMT… the marketing to bring people to the vehicle)

We saw the MRR climb from $5k/month to $10, to $15, over $20k..

But more importantly, we had been injecting our Tribe systems (the T in MVMT.. the tribe systems to create a raging audience)

And we saw insane camaraderie…

Men challenging each other from across the world.

A brother getting a tattoo of our program on his forearm.

And over 30,000 engagement points per month in our group of less than 500 members.

That’s when we knew, the magic isn’t on front end lead generation..

It’s on how you treat your people on the backend and inject the systems that turn it into a frenzy of activity.

Now we’ve been partnering with other experts to turn their content into an experience, injecting the tribe elements that lead to insane engagement.

Like the Assassin Academy we launched for a self defense expert.

Or the Volition Movement for our Mindset coach.

Do you want to see how we can create your MVMT?