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Attention Chiropractors

You are losing new patients and revenue if you don't have a "review generation strategy"

Here's why...

You provide a great service to your patients.

You're helping people.

The patients you serve are healthier, have more life inside of them, and therefore the whole community is better off.

The problem is...

 No one else in your community knows about the amazing service you provide and the happy patients you have UNLESS you can convince your patients to leave you a review where people are looking everyday.

- Google Maps

- Yelp 

- RateMDs

- Facebook

- YellowPages

But how do you get them to leave a review...?

About a year ago we told our chiropractor that she NEEDS online reviews because that's where her new patients are looking for a chiropractor. The thing we didn't understand is HOW HARD it was for her to get people to her review sites. Her patients had no idea what to do!

We tried scripting, email templates, postcards... and it worked. But it was A LOT of manual work, and it wasn't all that reliable. 

That's when we knew we needed an automation tool to help other chiropractors who were facing a similar struggle. Something that's simple and seamless for docs to use effectively , regarless of their technical abilities.  

And here we are today...

"The first week generating reviews to my Google listing, we received 400% more new patient calls"

Dr. Laina Shulman

Dr. Laina Shulman

Pure Health Chiropractic

Here's What Only $67 Can Do For Your Practice

Increase trust and conversions so those searching for a chiropractor choose YOU because you have more reviews than your competitors - making you look like the most credible practice in the community (it's just a popularity contest out there!)  

Insurance against negative reviews - if you don't have a strategy to constantly be posting great reviews about your business, the next BAD review you get will overshadow the rest of the reviews and negatively reflect your practice 

Increase your odds of being seen amongst the sea of competitors - by embedding our review widget on your testimonial page, your stars jump off the Google search

Referrals are Googling you before reaching out, increase the odds of them making the call by showing them all the positive experiences your paitents have had under your care

Look relevant - no one wants to see a doctor who appears out of date. These days, you need fresh reviews to show people you're still in business and worthy of their patronage.

Rank higher on Google - reviews are an important factor Google looks at when deciding who to rank for keywords like "chiropractor {your city}". With a review strategy, you're telling Google you're worthy of ranking higher

Show up for keywords like "Best Chiropractor in {your city}" - the iPhone search buddy known as Siri looks at Yelp reviews when searching for local chiropractors. Whoever has the most/best reviews on Yelp will display first! 

Here's Why You Need Our Software 

to get your online reviews

Getting people to your review sites is really hard; they don't know where to go and what to do. Our system holds their hand to get them there seamlessly!

Sites like Google Maps and Yelp require your patient to create an account before leaving you a review. Our system can lead them to sites like RateMDs instead so you can acquire an online review without this common hurdle. 

Turn bad reviews into constructive criticism instead of a hurtful public review! You're going to have disgruntled patients leave you a bad review. Our system captures their feedback and leads them away from leaving their negative feedback publicly for all to see.

You don't have to {awkwardly} ask your patients for a review! Upload your patient list and our system will automagically reach out to 10 patients a day FOR YOU! :)

You don't have to {awkwardly} follow up with your patients, asking them AGAIN to leave you a review. Our system automagically follows up a few days later to those who didn't follow through! 

Capture testimonials of those who don't want to leave a Google review. Your patients may not have a Gmail and can't leave you a Google review! Which is why we give them a few options because they will be the most comfortable with one of them, whether it's Facebook, Yelp or RateMDs.

NO time invested, your Chiropractic Assistants can do ALL the work! The only commitment on your end is to continually add your patients to the software. It literally takes 3 seconds per review!  

Receive email alerts everytime someone leaves a public review. This way you can immediately respond and thank them, or perhaps that's your trigger to enter them into a contest as a review generation strategy!

This feature alone costs $179/month on RateMDs

As a valued client of ours, you will have access to chiropractic-specific marketing campaigns and review generation strategies to help grow your practice.

This service alone is valued at $99/month

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reputation marketing

Meraki 5 Star Reputation Software

Integrates with over 45 online review sites making it easy to collect feedback

Over 200,000 small businesses use this software to grow their reputation and business

Here's How it Works

"Under The Hood" Of The Software

Easily Acquire Customer

Feedback & Encourage Online Reviews

Your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and encourage online reviews.

The 'Meraki Reviews System' is an automated platform that starts with just your customers email address and does the rest for you.

Our testimonial widget makes displaying powerful customer testimonials on your website easy. 

Our platform allows for manual control of the testimonials or you can automatically set for feedback above a specific rating score (example: 8 or above) to display on your widget and website.

Review Monitoring & Reporting

Your business benefits from multiple levels of feedback, encouragement of positive online reviews and an easy to manage dashboard whether you run just 1 or 1,000 locations.

Customer Reporting

Our reports offer easy views into your Net Promoter Score, customer feedback, online reviews and more.

Online Review Monitoring

We monitor online review sites and alert you to new reviews posted on your business so you can respond.

Tiered Reporting

Report on one, dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations with our flexible labels and filtering for valuable data.

How review generation is helping other chiropractors attract new customers:

reviews for business owners
Testimonial from Google Review Generation
review generation software testimonial

We are keeping the low price of $67/mo for the next..


“Let's show the world your stellar reputation!”

- Rick and Mike Tielemans

Meraki Marketing


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We accept AMEX, VISA, MASTERCARD, PayPal. One day we may just accept smiles and coffee instead... but we have developers to pay!

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We are a month to month service, you can cancel anytime by emailing us at and we can manually deactivate the account.