Who We Work With

Chiropractors & Dentists

We work mostly with chiropractors who need a fresh look, more reviews or run some ninja ads


Who have a large mission and need the tools to amplify the message

Coaches, Speakers, Authors

Who have a lot of content to share and want marketing & email automation created for them

Young Entrepreneurs

Who want guidance, tips and tools for creating connections, mentors & investments at an early age

Building Your Digital Real Estate

Specializing in Reputation Marketing

With our super secret software, we help you own your digital space in your industry and make you look like the ONLY logical option when people inevitably Google your name.

97% of people say that they look online for reviews and read them before ever committing to a service, even with a warm referral.

There are hundreds of people using Google to search for what you offer every month, we make it easy for them to find you and look like the ONLY logical choice in your city .

It can be awkward asking for reviews, but our process makes it seamless, building more reviews every week, and climbing the social ranks.

Some Recent Successes

Putting a piece of ourselves into our work. Marketing Authentically & results show

ROI on the last campaign (%)




Chiro New Patients per week up (%)

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Make Your Digital Brand Reflect Your Personality

Custom Built WordPress Designs

Using your vision, your personality and your goal sets, we will help you custom build a theme to your liking using the most robust platform in the industry, WordPress.
We will re-do your current site to reflect a modern look that converts at a much higher percentage.

Customizations 97%
Conversion Increase 62%


Recreating Your Digital Space

Taking your stale digital real estate and make it look and feel like your brand, putting a piece of yourself into your work. That is to do it with MERAKI
Some Past Client Successes
  • inbound marketing
  • over 3000% ROI campaigns
  • Doubling New Patients

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Antidote For a Case of the Mondays

  • By merakitwins
  • 19 Aug, 2016
When the weekend roller coaster comes to a grinding halt, Monday starts rearing its ugly head… As business owners, we need to capitalize on every chance to squeeze productivity out of the week. If we don’t start.